Unhealthy foods turned healthy: Pizza edition

Because I’m a big foodie and love many unhealthy foods out there, I love searching for recipes where I am able to make a healthy, and just as delicious version of some of the things I love. Today I’ll be sharing some healthy pizzas. Because the main source of unhealthiness in a pizza is obviously the crust because it’s made of bread, I have found two amazing substitutions for this. You will also notice I don’t have cheese on either of them but that’s just my own personal decision. It’s a combination of lactose sensitivity and just not liking cheese (I know, I’m nuts, get over it) 😛

  1. Cauliflower crusted pizza

FullSizeRender (1)

There’s no real rules for the toppings it’s kind of just like a do your own thing, I mean recipes online will give you amounts but I like to go a little nuts because everybody likes different amounts of sauce and types of veggies and whatnot. (on a side note, on this pizza, the left side is clearly mine. My crazy friend likes to cut up broccoli stems and whatnot, yuck!!!)

Here’s my go-to cauliflower crusted pizza recipe:


But you can find recipes for this all over the internet.

Because I don’t eat cheese I don’t use cheese in the crust but I’m sure if you did it would hold together better and burn less but oh well! Delicious nonetheless 🙂


-Use a food processor instead of a grater to save loads of time

-The longer you keep it in the oven the crispier it’ll get (obvs) but try to avoid burning it!!


2) Quinoa crusted pizza


I only discovered this one pretty recently! I think it was through a Buzzfeed post too but I was so excited to try! It’s really good and holds together very well. You can actually pick it up and eat it unlike cauliflower which you tend to need to use a fork and knife with. And is it just me or does it actually kind of look like bread?! Pics can be convincing lol.

Here’s the recipe for this one:


Again, all I really followed is the crust and then did my own thing for the rest. In this case I used pesto sauce with the tomato. I know people like to use one or the other but I’m a weirdo but it was delicious!

I’ll be posting some of my other favourite non healthy gone healthy recipes along with other general healthy recipes and snacks that I love in the near future!

Thanks for reading 🙂




Unhealthy foods turned healthy: Pizza edition

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